1. Retailer Downloads the App
  2. Retailer Logs in Using his Credentials
    1. User Name – StoreID (Provided by Yoma)
    2. Password: 1234
  3. Retailer is asked to input phone number (mobile Only)
  4. Retailer inputs phone number and his User Name and password are changed to his phone number.
  5. Retailer views the following tabs –
    1. Current Month Biz Achievement
    2. Current Month MSL Achievement
    3. Previous Months Biz Achievement
    4. Previous Months MSL Achievement
    5. Current Growth
    6. Historical Payouts
    7. View photos of current month visibility
  6. Retailer Can make the following Actions
    1. Place Order
      1. On Place Order Tab, All SKUs available
      2. On Promos tab – Promos called out separately to order
    2. Retailer Support –
      1. Raise ticket if any issue is troubling him.
  7. Process Flow of Stock Ordering –
    1. Retailer Opens App, Places order and checks out
    2. Back end team receives order
    3. Back end team accesses SEED portal of distributor
    4. Back end team manually punches in the order of the outlet
    5. Distributor Invoices the order and makes the delivery
    6. Back end team follows up T+2 Day if the delivery has been made
  8. Payment process flow –
    1. If Retailer has made the payment online, payment is passed on to the distributor post confirmation of order delivery.